About The University

About the ISHIK University

Ishik University was founded in 2008 and recently has become one of the leading universities in the region. It is in the city of Erbil. Ishik University Sulaimani Campus was founded in 2014 in the city of Sulaimani. With its quality education it has prominent role in the development of the region. Currently, Ishik University has 5 faculties in Erbil and 2 faculties in Sulaimani.
At Ishik University, we fuel our students through knowledge and opportunity. The university offers our students the best educational experience in the region as we grow into a major public research university. Ishik University has all requirements for providing our students to be the very best.
Quality assurance has been on the agenda of Ishik University since its foundation and its steadily ongoing impact has led the institution to give more attention to the promotion of teaching and learning function and academic performance of lecturers. The establishment of quality assurance system at Ishik University has changed the landscape of education in the institution. High quality standards and comparability of qualifications with leading universities have been made possible.
Ishik University has been certified ISO 9001:2008 to ensure that it collects, analyses and uses relevant information for the effective management of its programs of study and other activities. Currently, quality assurance is one of the main factors of evaluation at Ishik University and the university makes great effort to ensure that quality assurance practices and educational goals of the university are in harmony.
Ishik University has started accreditation process to maintain suitable standards of quality. The accreditation process will ensure that the university certification practices are acceptable which means they are competent to test and certify third parties, behave ethically and employ suitable quality assurance. Ishik University will be accredited by accreditation body Zeva (in Germany).

Ishik University implements the Bologna Process procedures in line with the approval of Ministry of Higher Education. The Bologna Process has paved the way for increasingly innovative, cooperative, and cross border study programs and Ishik University is collaborating with a growing number of universities across the world to advance programs. The qualifications of Ishik University are recognized by most of
the universities in the world. Moreover, Student mobility has become an essential part of Ishik University education culture, since its establishment 14 students became mobile students in partner universities.
Dean of Students unit has primary responsibilities such as providing assistance and support services to students and the University community and managing the University's academic and nonacademic misconduct systems.
Ishik University research Center attracts and retains the best scientists, staff and students by making every effort to increase the pool of diverse applicants and also benefits from a variety of different perspectives in conducting and disseminating the results of our research.
Ishik University CISCO Networking Academy offers classes that prepare students for computer industry certifications and help build skills and in-depth knowledge. The academy has Cisco equipment in the lab to give students hands-on, real-world experience. All instructors are Cisco certified.
Ishik University is an authorized Pro-metric Testing Center. Operating since 2011, we are the first TOEFL IBT center ever opened in Erbil. Ishik University gives utmost attention to foreign language learning. As field courses are provided in English language, it is important that all students should know high level of English language. Preparatory school prepares students for effective learning at faculties.

Vision Statement
To be a leading university in the country and region in the areas of education, research and development as well as service to the community by raising lettered individuals with universal ethical values.

Mission Statement
To raise well-prepared, productive and competent individuals with a research-oriented spirit, who possess professional ethics and sensitiveness to the realities of the country and the world, in order to serve to fundamental human values; contribute to the improvement of the quality life of humanity based on regional and universal needs.
To achieve these goals, Ishik University will be in constant effort to:
  1. Increase student learning through ensuring high-quality programs
  2. Develop an engaged, diverse, high-quality student population
  3. Assure high-quality, diverse, engaged faculty and staff
  4. Enhance institutional effectiveness through demonstrating efficiency in programs and services.
  5.  Improve the quality of life for all constituents