The Structure of ISHIK University
Ishik University was founded in 2008. In 2014 Ishik University Sulaimani Campus was established. Today the university has 6 faculties and 15 departments in Erbil and 2 faculties and 5 departments in Sulaimani as listed below:

1. Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Dentistry seeks for graduating excellent oral health care professionals by providing high-quality education with modern medical/educational approaches. Ishik dentistry faculty also provides affluent health care with its experienced faculty members and medical staff in dentistry hospital.

2. Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Engineering trains creative and qualified engineers who can work effectively in numerous fields of engineering. It is comprised of four departments:
  1. Department of Architecture
  2. Department of Civil Engineering
  3. Department of Computer Engineering
  4. Department of Interior Design
3. Faculty of Science
Faculty of Science presents quality knowledge by promoting independent and interactive learning in sciences and technology. It is comprised of one department:
IT (Information Technology) Department

4. Faculty of Law
Faculty of Law aims at bringing up the idealist people of law having contemporary justice feeling with the principle of ¡§Supremacy of Law¡¨. The students develop comparison and contrast abilities under the companionship of the experienced instructors.
5. Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education trains qualified teachers who are equipped with creative and critical thinking skills. It is comprised of four departments:
  1. ELT (English Language Teaching)
  2. Mathematics Education
  3. Biology Education
  4. Physics Education
6. Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics
Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics aims at providing students with general knowledge alert to the challenges in economics and management, and training students to work in administration of local and international sectors. It is comprised of four departments:
  1. Business Administration
  2. Banking and Finance
  3. International Relations and Diplomacy
  4. Accounting
Ishik University Sulaimani Campus
1. Faculty of Engineering
a. Architecture Department
b. Civil Engineering Department

2. Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics
a. Business Administration
b. Banking and Finance
c. International Relations and Diplomacy

Ishik University